The PRSSA 2013 National Assembly Taught Me …

Photo courtesy of Lauren Gray.
Assembly attendees share their Chapters’ best practices. Photo courtesy of Lauren Gray.

Every year, PRSSA members from around the country gather to share ideas in Chapter Officer Sessions, participate in Leadership Training Sessions and make important decisions about the future of our Society by participating in the annual National Assembly. This year’s event was held from April 4-7 in Albuquerque, NM.

We asked on Twitter what you learned from attending National Assembly. Below are just a few of the responses.

@delisiaraceli: I learned I’m not alone and every Chapter has similar hurdles. It’s just a matter of talking about solutions as a group.

@BonelliSays: that our Society is in good hands at the Chapter, regional and national level. We are blessed with so many great leaders.

@Jillian_Writes: I learned how strong and supportive our Society is. We all bonded over a shared passion to lead and inspire our Chapters

@audrahartges: That the best Chapters plan for the fall and winter during the summer. Getting started for @GV_PRSSA now!

@AskMikeHopkins: At #PRSSANA, I learned the importance and payoff of social networking consistently and creating a personal brand.

@jacqmcmahon: To encourage a stronger bond with our PRSA Chapter & suggestions for our Student-Run Firm @CapstoneAgency!

@malrich10: I learned that life throws you curveballs in ways you’d never expect, but it always works out in the end.

@chelseyrodowicz: I learned that #PRSSA is truly a great support system. It is full of friends who share your passion.

@PartiesandPR: I learned that we are all colleagues, peers, competitors, friends, family and motivators … all at the same time.

@PhilKawabata: @PRSSANational I learned I need to invest in some bowties.

Thanks to all attendees for making the PRSSA 2013 National Assembly and for your dedication to the Society. Whether you’re transitioning to PRSA or moving into another year with PRSSA, the National Committee hopes you learned from this experience and bring the knowledge with you to share with Chapters and in the industry.

Looking for more professional development opportunities? Participate in Twitter chats this month with PRSSA and the PRSA New Pros Section. Follow @PRSSANational for more updates.

Thursday, April 11 at 9 p.m. EDT: #NPPRSA April Twitter ChatSEO & Digital PR
Tuesday, April 16 at 9 p.m. EDT: #PRSSA April Twitter Chat—Becoming a New Pro

This is a guest post by Lauren Rosenbaum, the PRSSA 2012-2013 National Vice President of Public Relations. Follow Lauren at @LaurenRosePR.

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