Tips for PRSSA National Assembly Preparation

PRSSA 2013 AssemblyAs we prepare for National Assembly next week in Albuquerque, delegates from Chapters will attend the Assembly meeting to vote on important PRSSA bylaws and the future of the Society via the 2013-2014 National Committee. It is an important day for the Society and one that requires preparation from the delegates and other attendees.


Attending Assembly? Here are four things that will better prepare you for the event:

  1. Carefully review your Assembly packet.
    PRSSA mailed all delegates a packet in the mail that contained an agenda, copies of all National Committee applications, copies of proposed bylaw changes and several other important documents. Please review these key items as they are important for the overall event and will help keep you on track throughout the event. Contact if you did not receive it.
  2. Thoroughly read and review the National Committee candidate applications.
    The future leadership of the Society rests in the hands of the next National Committee. Please thoroughly review the Committee descriptions and the candidate applications to better understand the Committee as a whole and the work required of each position. Review the applications before Saturday’s elections to have a better understanding of the candidates.
  3. Study parliamentary procedures.
    The Assembly meeting on Saturday will start promptly at 8:15 a.m. and we will follow parliamentary procedures taken from PRSSA’s Procedure Manual and Robert’s Rules of Order. We will go over this information during the special session on Friday (which is required for delegates to attend and suggested for candidates).
  4. Remember we do not allow for any social media by delegates or candidates during the Assembly meeting on Saturday.
    The Assembly on Saturday is an extremely important time for PRSSA. Delegates and candidates may not use social media or other channels to communicate proceedings or share results. Please respect this rule.

If you have any questions about PRSSA National Assembly, please feel free to email me or reach out to @PRSSANational on Twitter. I look forward to this year’s National Assembly being full of leadership development sessions, networking and history making!


This is a guest post written by Lauren Gray, the PRSSA 2012-2013 National President and a junior account executive at Hunter Public Relations. Follow Lauren at @laurenkgray.

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