PRSSA One Year Later: Scott Thornburg, Red Square Agency

Editors Note: To honor our graduating PRSSA members, this “One Year Later” series will follow where our past members are one year after their graduation. Follow our “One Year Later” posts to inspire your members and learn from the success of past members.

Scott Thornburg, Red Square Agency

Current Company: Red Square Agency
Current Position: PR Coordinator
Former PRSSA Chapter: University of Southern Mississippi
Former PRSSA Involvement: 2010-2011 National Vice President of Internship/Job Services

How did you land the position? 

While in college, I was heavily involved with PRSSA, had four internships and also worked a couple part-time public relations jobs. Red Square Agency was my last internship as an undergraduate.

During my fall semester, my intern supervisor called saying that the company had an opening and she thought that I should apply. So, I did. I sent in my cover letter and résumé and got a call back for an interview. On the day of my interview, I grabbed the local paper on my way out of town because a news release that I wrote ran that morning as the lead story of the business section. In my interview, it was sticking out of my portfolio. I said, “Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to put that in there yet … it just ran this morning.”

They called a few weeks later to offer me the job, and I signed the papers before graduation.

How has PRSSA influenced your work performance or your initial landing of the position? 

Early on, I began soaking up information from peers and professionals that proved to be vital in helping me secure a job. Having a national network of mentors, friends and professional acquaintances has also been essential to my growth as an individual and an up-and-coming practitioner. I believe that will continue for many decades to come.

What advice would you pass along to current PRSSA members? 

Get involved in your local Chapter, attend national PRSSA events and get professional experience through interning, working with your student-run firm or finding freelance work for small businesses and nonprofits. Experience is key when applying for jobs.

This is a guest post written by the Vice President of Professional Development, Jessica Noonan.

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