Motivated? Dedicated? Run for PRSSA National Committee

Ever wondered who manages much of the PRSSA member benefits and national initiatives? The PRSSA National Committee leads these important professional development opportunities. Interested in contributing to national leadership? If you are a motivated student and dedicated Chapter member, running for the National Committee at the PRSSA 2012 National Assembly could be just the thing for you.

The National Committee is comprised of seven vice presidents, a FORUM Editor in Chief, a National President and an Immediate Past President — all PRSSA members. In addition, the students work with a National Professional and National Faculty Adviser as well as two PRSA Board liaisons and the team at PRSSA Headquarters.  All work together to strengthen and make strategic decisions for the Society.

How do I run? Easy! All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Research

It’s imperative that you know the “ins and outs” of the position for which you would like to apply. Start your preparation by reviewing the 2012 Situation Analysis. This document will provide great insight into the responsibilities, challenges and future of the position.

2. Find Your Match

Determine which position is right for you. I encourage you to run for a position that is aligned with your interests. Though you may run for a second position on the National Committee if you are not elected to your first choice, you should choose to do so only if you are also passionate about the second position. Having a vested interest in the position’s responsibilities will improve your overall experience and offer you more professional growth.

3. Contact the Committee Member

After you decide which position you fit best, reach out to the current Committee member. You can gain valuable insight into the position, making you better equip to develop a solid platform.

4. Review Assembly Rules

Read the rules and regulations of National Assembly. Remember that campaigning is absolutely not allowed, on any level. Campaigning is strict grounds for disqualification.

5. Complete Nomination Form

The next step is to complete your candidate nomination form. Though the process is relatively straight forward, remember that you will need to submit a 500-word essay, a letter of recommendation from your PRSSA Faculty or Professional Adviser and your completed nomination form. These materials will be shared with delegates, so take your time preparing them and don’t forget to double check your spelling. Elections will be held at the PRSSA National Assembly in Charlotte, NC.

Note: The FORUM Editor in Chief is selected during an interview process. Candidates must present their bid to the current National Committee. Learn more on the FORUM intent-to-bid form.

6. Prepare Your Speech

As you write your speech, focus on specific tactics that will ultimately achieve your goal while serving a member of the National Committee. Explain your background and why you believe you are the best candidate for the position. If you are elected, these talking points will help form your platform for the following year.

7. Prepare for the Q&A

After all candidates for the position present their speeches, there is a question and answer period. Be prepared to answer questions relating to your position and national initiatives, as well as questions about topics such as your leadership style. This is your chance to shine.

Though this process may seem intense, it is extremely rewarding. If you are a motivated leader with drive, ambition and strategic ideas to help advance our Society, then step up, and run for the National Committee. Even if you are not elected, running for the National Committee is an opportunity you won’t forget.

Nomination forms and related materials are due February 17, 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted. Please contact a member of the National Committee if you have any questions.

See you at Assembly!

This is a guest post from National President Adam Aisner.

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