Intern Talk: Facing Ethical Issues as an Intern [Podcast]

Editor’s Note: To commemorate PRSSA and PRSA Ethics Month, PRSSA is running a series of posts on important ethics issues facing students and young professionals in public relations. An archive of PRSSA ethics-related posts can be found here. You can also read ethics-related PRSA posts on the PRSAY blog.

2011-2012 PRSSA National President Adam Aisner

Ethics are an important aspect of the public relations practice. As public relations interns and PRSSA members, it is our duty to adhere and promote the PRSA Code of Ethics in the intern environment. This month for Intern Talk, I sat down with 2011-12 PRSSA National President Adam Aisner to discuss the PRSA Code of Ethics and how it affects PRSSA members in the internship environment.

How have you put the PRSA Code of Ethics into action? Has there ever been a time you were asked to do something unethical in an internship? How did you handle that situation?

This is a guest post by the Vice President of Internships/Job Services Joe Clarkson.

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