Intern Talk: Using Social Media During Your Internship Quest [Podcast]

As Vice President of Internships and Job Services, my goal is to provide PRSSA members with the tools to secure an internship and make the most of their experience. In collaboration with FORUM Editor in Chief Amy Bishop, we are excited to introduce Intern Talk. Intern Talk will be a monthly podcast on the PRSSA Blog dealing with several facets of the internship world.

Melissa Kuhn, Hunter Public Relations

Social media has quickly become a focal point of the public relations practice. As public relations interns, we have the ability to use social media to advance our careers. However, with the rapid influx of social media, PRSSA members can struggle to understand how to take advantage of social media from both a personal and professional standpoint. This month, I sat down with Hunter Public Relations Vice President and Intern Coordinator Melissa Kuhn to discuss how interns can effectively use social media in their internship quest.

This is a guest post by the Vice President of Internships/Job Services Joe Clarkson.

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