How to Recruit Diverse Members

What is diversity? Diversity has five definitions according to Webster’s Dictionary. However, each person has his or her own definition of diversity and what it means. As a Chapter, diversity should not only be encouraged but expected and exciting.

When it comes to recruitment, follow these steps to diversify your Chapter’s membership:

Know Yourselves

This first step is to know what makes you diverse. What other organizations are your members involved in on campus you can include into your PRSSA Chapter? Recruitment isn’t the responsibility of only one person or one executive member. It starts with every member, regardless of position.

Define Your Dimensions

If you continue to use the same methods and recruit from the same pools, you will not increase the dimensions of your Chapter.  Also, using the run of the mill themes of diversity such as gender or race will challenge the thought process. Are these important? Yes! However, they are not the only options. Also look to non-traditional students and, most importantly, students with different majors. Research and develop a plan to tap into other like-minded majors like graphic design, business or marketing.

Include Members Immediately

A diverse organization is based on inclusion, not just representation. As involvement increases, the heightened cohesion of members and executive board members will increase. Using an icebreaker before each meeting or going on a team-building trip can also instill a sense of belonging within the organization.

Validate and Verify

What is PRSSA? What is a member? What is an executive board? All these are questions new members will ask. Providing easy access to answers  not only validates the Society and your Chapter, but verifies their role and what is to gain from being a member.

How does diversity among members affect your Chapter? What strategies do you use to diversify membership and recruitment?

This is a guest post from the Vice President of Advocacy, JR Rochester.

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