Building a Strong Foundation for the Future

During the summer months, I encourage everyone to start planning for the future and begin making strategic moves in your Chapter.

As your Chapter begins planning for the next semester, start thinking about decisions that will have an effect on your Chapter in the future. One thing that we, as leaders, need to consider is how to strategically grow our Chapter and membership throughout the year. Thinking strategically about central issues surrounding your Chapter will pave the way for a successful year and help incoming officers proceed to the next step.

Follow this simple process to analyze a situation and generate a solution:

2011-2012 PRSSA National President Adam Aisner

1. Analyze common problems/issues in your Chapter (diversity, limited funds, member recruitment, programming, etc).
2. Ask your members for feedback about the issue(s).
3. Brainstorm and decide the most effective ways to solve your Chapter’s issue(s) with your executive board and Faculty Adviser; set benchmarks that will gradually build your Chapter to success.
4. Develop an action plan and schedule that will help solve the situation over the course of the semester; this schedule should contain all your efforts for the upcoming semester and should be used as a campaign calendar.
5. Put the plan into effect.
6. Analyze the results at the end of the semester and determine the next strategic move for advancement.
7. For the following semester, build from the work that you have previously done and move to your next benchmark. This will gradually increase your Chapter’s success.
8. Repeat this process for any issues that may arise within the Chapter.

Chapter campaigns are also a great way to help build your Chapter and solve key issues that strengthen your Chapter internally. Lead by example, and coach your Chapter through decisions that will last for years to come.

Don’t just think in the moment; think about the things you can do to build your Chapter. I encourage you to use this process when developing your Chapter’s plans. Happy planning!

How have you strengthened your Chapter? Share how with the Society.

This is a guest post from National President Adam Aisner.

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