Working Together: Belmont PRSSA and Nashville PRSA

Below is a guest post from Sarah Norton, PRSSA Chapter President at Belmont University. Belmont is a past recipient of the Teahan Award for Outstanding PRSA/PRSSA Chapter Relationship.

As many of you know, October is the month that PRSSA Chapters try to highlight their relationship with the PRSA Chapter(s) near them. But the most successful relationships are ones that are maintained throughout the year.

For the past several years, the PRSSA Chapter at Belmont University has worked to have a great relationship with PRSA Nashville. We even won a Teahan Award for it at the PRSSA National Conference in Philadelphia.

Our success doesn’t come from any one particular event or focus; it’s our consistency in involving PRSA Nashville in our activities and being involved in theirs. Some of our most successful partnerships and interactions include:

  • Participating in a mentoring program that paired Belmont PR students with professionals who they could go to for advice, job shadowing and contacts within the profession.
  • Actively attending events planned by the Nashville Young Professionals Committee. By going to the Committee’s mixers, our students are able to network with professionals who have joined the public relations profession somewhat recently and can share real-life experiences with finding internships and jobs.
  • Maintaining a good working relationship with our Chapter’s Professional Advisor. He is a great resource for advice as our Chapter develops.
  • Reaching out to PRSSA Nashville members nearly every time we need a speaker. Not only do they have a wealth of information to share, but asking them first shows we appreciate their support of our Chapter.
  • Applying for the scholarships funded by PRSA Nashville. We are lucky to receive funding to help students attend National Conference and other scholarship opportunities throughout the year.
  • Attending monthly Nashville PRSA meetings and events. When they’re not just attending to learn, Belmont students have volunteered as greeters for mixers and at the Parthenon Awards, PRSA Nashville’s annual awards ceremony.

In the short time since we were chartered, Belmont’s PRSSA Chapter has had great opportunities to develop and maintain our relationship with our local PRSA Chapter. I hope your Chapter can do so too.

What other ways have you tried to stay active with your PRSA Chapter? Any best practices or advice you can share?

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      I’m a junior at the University of Kansas and in the School of Journalism. I’ve gone to a couple of PRSA meetings but I’m not currently a member of the chapter yet. I’m not sure what I plan to do with my journalism degree as of right now, but I’m definitely looking for more ways to get involved. The couple of meetings I have gone to have been very interesting and informative. I think it’s a great chapter that I want to get more involved in.

      I’m actually going to study abroad next semester at the CIMBA Business and Journalism program in Italy, so I won’t be around for PRSA meetings on my campus anymore after this semester. Do you think it’s still beneficial to pay dues right now for the rest of the year to become a member? Are there any ways I can still stay in touch while I’m in Italy? I hope to become a more involved member next year as a senior because I think it’s a great opportunity we have on our campus!

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