Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists: Can’t we all just get along?

On October 29th, Chris Anderson, the editor in chief of Wired magazine wrote a rather spirited post about some public relations practitioners and calling them “lazy flacks” due to all the emails he had been receiving. What did he do in response? He posted close to 300 email addresses (many from Edelman, 5W Public Relations and other well-known agencies) and announced that they have been blocked.

Since then Chris has received an overwhelming response from his action and post. Many believed that what he did was not very nice. Others went immediately on the defense.

The Bulldog Reporter took the opportunity to interview Chris Andersen and asked him how this whole situation can be avoided. Read it here .

This re-occurring battle of public relations practitioners vs. journalists is really getting old. As students and future professionals of the industry, what are your thoughts?

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