<strong>Biden’s Student Loan Debt Plan: Analyzing Media Reactions</strong>

Biden’s Student Loan Debt Plan: Analyzing Media Reactions

On August 24, President Joe Biden announced the administration’s Student Loan Debt Plan, which included debt forgiveness for select individuals, a payment plan based on income, and an extended pause on accumulating loan interest. This proposal can affect countless college students and graduates, especially those with annual incomes under $75,000. The new initiatives target borrowers with federal loans for debt […]

SWOTopoly: Roll The Dice & Evaluate Your Situation [Infographic]

Every organization comes with their own set of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Use a SWOT analysis to improve your Chapter. What helps you evaluate opportunities and threats? How can you use strengths and weaknesses to your advantage? This is a guest post written the Vice President of Chapter Development Kendall Schmidt, and designed by FORUM Design Editor Sarah Thacker.

So You Want to Be on the National Committee?

Borrowing the opening line of one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows growing up: “Do you have it? GUTS!” OK, so being on the National Committee doesn’t mean you’re going to be facing the Aggro Crag (or playing Slam Dunk, or completing the Tornado Run), but it does mean you’re choosing a path that requires hard work, dedication and commitment. National Committee […]