College Athletics: A Brand’s Next Sponsorship Candidate?

College Athletics: A Brand’s Next Sponsorship Candidate?

Many of us are probably familiar with how professional athletes and even head coaches appear in different commercials promoting brands or post on social media about their favorite products. For the longest time, you may have wondered, why can’t college athletes have this opportunity? That has all changed. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) ruled on June 30, 2021, that college athletes in all three divisions […]

Break Into Sports With Public Relations

[highlight]The PRSSA 2012 National Conference was held in San Francisco from Oct. 12-16. Over the upcoming weeks, Progressions will provide summaries of select sessions and insights from the presenters. Want to write your own recap of a session? Contact Editor in Chief Ashley Mauder at[/highlight] Kicking off the first round of professional development sessions at the PRSSA 2012 National […]

Student-run Firms Provide Real-Life Experience – For Real!

Approximately one-third of all PRSSA Chapters have student-run firms; their popularity and recognition has drastically increased. National Affiliation and Student-run Firm Awards are just two of the ways that PRSSA recognizes and rewards involved students. Aria Fadakar, former director of Titan PR Group at California State University — Fullerton, shared the firm’s experience and influence on a branding campaign. A […]