Position Spotlight: Vice President of Digital Communications, Mary Kate Hale


What does the vice president of digital communications do? 

My role as vice president of digital communications is to create content for PRSSA National across all digital channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I collaborate with PRSA and other National Committee members to create graphics and post copy for all social media posts. Additionally, I engage with public relations students and professionals on social media via a Twitter chat or Instagram story once a month.

Why do you think your role is meaningful?

Social media is a powerful tool to share information. My role is meaningful because I share PRSSA’s activities and opportunities such as webinars, conferences, and scholarships with the Society.

How have you leveraged your subcommittee? 

It is very important that I have a subcommittee to support me and help me complete the responsibilities of my position. They help me create graphics and Progressions banners once a month.

What has been the biggest takeaway you’ve had from your time on the PRSSA National Committee? 

My biggest takeaway from my time on the PRSSA National Committee has been my experience in media planning and social media management. I have become more skilled in graphic design and crafting integrated messages for all social media channels.

What has been your favorite part of the term so far? 

My favorite part of the term so far has been my opportunity to collaborate with all members of the National Committee, especially for Twitter chats.

Why did you apply for PRSSA National?

I applied for PRSSA National to gain more experience as a public relations practitioner and to network with students and professionals across the country.

What advice would you share with your future successor? 

Work on getting in a rhythm. It can be very time-consuming creating content for each month, so dedicate specific times to get all of your work done.


What type of position would you like to hold one day?

I would love to become a marketing or public relations director for a children’s hospital.

What is your favorite animal? 

Dogs and cats!

Which app have you spent the most time on this school year?

TikTok, of course.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you visit? 

I want to go to Italy and visit all of the towns on the Amalfi Coast.

What’s your go-to coffee shop order? 

I love oat milk lattes with lavender and honey.

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