Hunting for the Golden Egg Internship

As college students, many of us can relate to trying to find the “golden egg” internship — an internship that equally challenges us and allows us to further our learning in the public relations field.

The internship search can begin to feel like it’s Easter morning all over again, with you searching for Easter eggs in your backyard. You know that the golden egg is out there, but you have to take the time to find it. While on the hunt, here are a few points to remember.

Before going into an interview, it’s important to do your own research on the company. Make sure you understand what the company does, as well as its values. Doing your research before an interview shows the hiring manager that you are actively interested in the company. You will also be able to create a list of specific questions to ask at the end of the interview based on your research, which will help differentiate you to the hiring manager.

Another important part of the hunt is knowing what you want in an internship. Having a list of your preferred company qualities and your interests will allow you to select a company that will best suit you. Knowing what type of public relations career you want to pursue is also helpful. An internship is the perfect opportunity to explore and experience a field that interests you most.

In PR, it’s also key that you show off your skills and previous work experience. Writing, interpersonal communication, research, and social media proficiency are essential skills in our profession. During your interview or on your résumé, it’s important to highlight your qualities and skills that you believe would be beneficial to the company. Also, remember that you could be the “golden egg” that the company seeks.

When you’re on the hunt, remember to be yourself and search every nook and cranny. As much as you are looking for the perfect internship, companies are also looking for the perfect intern. The “golden egg” internship is out there — you just have to find it.

Sydney Miner is a third-year public relations student at the University of Alabama with a minor in communication studies. She currently is a writer and editor for Platform Magazine. Next semester, she will serve as the vice president of social media for the UA Chapter of PRSSA.

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