National Committee Spotlight: Vice President of Chapter Development

This article is part of our National Committee Spotlight series. This series features our current National Committee reflecting on their experience and offering insights into their respective roles as we approach National Elections and Leadership Assembly. To learn more about running for National Committee, click here.

Alyssa Gormley — Vice President of Chapter Development 

What is your role? Please give a brief overview of your role and responsibilities.  

As the national vice president of Chapter development, I’m in charge of my assigned conference’s Leadership Summit, managing the Chapter Development Sessions and developing the Community Service Initiative (CSI). However, the bulk of my position is overseeing the District Ambassador program as well as the Phone/Email Outreach Tree (PEOT), which connects all District Ambassadors to Chapter leaders. 

What does a typical day in your position look like?

Typically, I’m checking in with either my team of District Ambassadors or selected Chapter leaders to aid them in any struggles, answer questions and/or ensure that everything is going smoothly. Additionally, I tend to up-keep the phone email outreach tree (PEOT) spreadsheets to ensure we have the most updated contact information for Chapter leadership. 

What has been your favorite part of serving on the National Committee?

Too many to count BUT I would say getting to connect with my stellar National Committee team, PRSSA HQ and all of our outstanding members across the globe. It’s also been my honor to represent Ohio University and Scripps PRSSA on a national level. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of your position?

By far the most challenging part of my position has been overseeing 14 District Ambassadors and 9 Committee members as we all work with our Society’s 300+ Chapters. Thankfully, this team is a powerhouse so there haven’t been many bumps in the road. 

What is something you are most proud of achieving in this role?

Holding this position while managing school and extracurriculars is something I’m very proud of. I’m extremely proud of having over 30 applicants apply to be District Ambassadors — that’s a huge W in my book! 

Also, super pumped and proud of how seamlessly this year’s Community Service Initiative is coming together! Check out our social media channels for more information regarding how you can help.

What advice would you like to share with your future successor?

This question made me ~big sad~ BUT I’ve got a few: 

  1. Do all that you can while you’re in this position. Whatever it is that you wish to accomplish, try your hardest to do so.
  2. Use your resources. Whether that’s communicating with your fellow national committee members, the amazing folks that make up PRSSA HQ or all of national committee alumni behind you… they’re all ready to help you.
  3. Bask in the highs and enjoy it while you can! Before you know it, it’ll be over. Be sure to look around and fully appreciate the shoes you’re in.

Lightning Round

Favorite social media platform?

Without question, Pinterest! IMO, Pinterest is way ahead of the curve in terms of creativity, expression and appealing content. Oh, and I’m ~basically~ famous on Pinterest… follow me here

Dream job?

If I could thrift or sell clothes on Poshmark/Depop for a living. 

Favorite TV show/movie/book at the moment?

Similar but different, I’ve been binge-listening to Emma Chamberlain’s podcast “Anything Goes”. 

Favorite quote?

“I will tell you again and again: choose the life you want and run in that direction. Don’t settle for anything else.” – F.E. Marie

Alyssa Gormley is a senior studying strategic communication at Ohio University. She currently serves as the PRSSA National vice president of Chapter development. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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