The Benefits of Working an Office Job in College

While on the search for an internship that could lead to a full-time position, some students overlook the opportunities available on campus. 

Working as a student assistant for my university’s orientation program has given me the opportunity to learn skills many students will not encounter until their first day in the office after graduation. From sending emails to using the printer and the relationships you build in between, working in an office on campus is the best way for students to learn skills which will make them stand out on resumes and interviews.

The ability to answer the phone and send professional emails are some of the most sought-after skills when employers are looking to hire a young person. You may notice many companies now require a phone screening prior to an interview to ensure applicants are able to speak coherently on the phone.

Many college students have spent their careers sending texts or reaching out to people over social media. Organizations want to ensure their new hire can answer phones in a professional setting. Working in an on-campus office gives you the opportunity to practice these skills as you respond to email inquiries and answer phone calls from students and parents. Indeed has some examples of how to incorporate these skills into your resume.

In addition to including these tangible skills for your resume, working in an office as a student also teaches you about organizational hierarchies and communication. The ability to understand your office dynamic and communication model as a student can help you understand what kind of groups and settings you work best in while searching for your first job. 

The relationships you build within the office you choose to work in can provide support as you launch into your professional career path. Working on campus gives you the opportunity to network with people from all different departments and offices and give you supporting connections in your job search.

An office job on campus is often the most accessible job for a student to secure and maintain throughout their college career. These jobs support students in obtaining and growing important professional skills. 

Rachel Bednarz is a senior studying integrative public relations and Spanish at Central Michigan University. She is the immediate past president of CMU’s PRSSA Chapter and an account executive for the on-campus firm, PR Central. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee and crocheting. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

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