Paying Attention to Newsletters Pays Off

We all receive newsletters from PRSSA National, Issues and Trends from PRSA and different information from other organizations, but how much attention do we pay to them? It is imperative to be as well-read in local, national and global newsletters to be the best public relations professional.

Undoubtedly, newsletters are a good means of information for those most interested in news, trends and upcoming events. They are another format used to inform students and future professionals from the same community. One more channel for the network of contacts, which is so important for our careers.

Being part of the creation of newsletters also taps into public relations skills as it involves graphic design, research, staying up to date on current events and writing. Writing for publications such as newsletters and blogs awakens another type of commitment both academically and professionally and gives you visibility within the PRSSA and university communities. 

News is crucial as it informs people globally about new communicative trends. The news from North America also impacts the markets and the behaviors of organizations globally, so we must be attentive to the information from PRSSA National and its student sector. Get in the habit of reading and contributing to newsletters and blogs in order to have the most current knowledge on the field and beyond. 

The UADE PRSSA Chapter (Buenos Aires) newsletter focuses on the members. We do this by encouraging them to write their own pieces so that they can later share on their social networks and begin to build their professional brand. Having pieces to add to a portfolio or LinkedIn page helps you learn but also stand out to future employers. 

To cultivate a more professional environment, we also share the latest news on political and business communication. We also recommend books and authors that discuss communications and management.

Your Chapter could benefit from creating a newsletter, as well as reading those of other PRSSA Chapters, PR professionals and other organizations. 

Federico Forastier is 28 years old and currently living in Buenos Aires. He has experience from his time working in Corrientes government where he organized events, protected the image of the Security Minister, worked in internal communications and helped with both social media and press. He started studying public relations at UCES but then transferred to UADE, where the thematic is leading the scholar and employment field. His favorite topics are political communication, digital social media and diplomacy. He currently serves on the publications subcommittee for PRSSA National. Outside of these pursuits, he is an amateur musician and guitar player, a nature devotee, a fitness motivator and tennis lover.

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      This is great advice! This piece really opened my eyes to the benefits of receiving updates through newsletters. As a senior PR student about to enter the industry, I now have a better understanding about the importance being knowledgeable about changing trends within the field. – Heather Smyth, writer/editor for Platform Magazine

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