The Influencer Intersection of PR

As a student in the public relations industry, I have become consumed with all things social media. I find myself drawn to brand identities and taking a behind-the-scenes peek at how a company can be successful in the social media space. One avenue that I have always found particularly fascinating is influencers. 

As someone who has been influenced by these creators, I can’t help but admire how they have filled the marketing gap on evolving social platforms. For some reason, however, I have always viewed the careers of social media influencers as less important than my personal professional goals. 

Then I realized, we’re not that different. 

This past summer, my internship was canceled due to COVID-19. I was left with an empty summer and a blank resume. I found myself searching for an alternative project that could further my PR dreams, and that’s when the She’s Going Places Podcast was born. 

This project became my passion. I fully immersed myself in creating a distinct brand identity across all platforms. I sifted through hundreds of colors and fonts to create a perfect logo while simultaneously writing and creating content for a targeted demographic. I learned how effective a brand voice can be and ultimately used all of this knowledge to further the success of the podcast. 

People were loving it. I grew an audience that cared about what I had to say. They became invested in who I am, what I love and the things I stand for. They wanted to know what I liked to wear, drink and read. I was being asked for every detail about what I like so that they could like the same things. I was put in a position where I could influence my audience’s shopping habit. 

Over time, I realized that what I had actually created was a product, and that product was me. 

Throughout the summer, I became more aware of the ability to apply traditional public relations education to further my pursuit on social media. My podcast has shown me the intense intersection that lies between traditional and non-traditional public relations and ultimately opened my eyes to the opportunity to work on both sides. 

I have discovered that a melody of the two avenues can create a beautiful opportunity to grow and challenge myself.  

How can you challenge yourself to incorporate both avenues into your career? Is there a special project you are wanting to pursue but too scared to start?

Taylor Korte is a junior at Samford University studying public relations. She serves as vice president of the Samford PRSSA Chapter and is a founding member of PRSSA Reimagined, a virtual programming experience. Korte is the recipient of the PRSA Robin M. Urbanski Memorial Scholarship. She is also the social media director at a South Florida nonprofit and hosts her own podcast, She’s Going Places. 

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