Tips to Finding an Internship in College

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Finding an internship in college can be slightly overwhelming; it is one of the first times you have had to think seriously about what life after college will look like. Personally, I was hit with this overwhelming feeling during the middle of my sophomore year of college. I knew event planning and building relationships with people was something that I was passionate about so I utilized several of these tips and landed an internship with a wedding planner that I love! Here are five strategies and tips to landing a great internship in college and making yourself stand out amongst a generation of competitive individuals.

  1. Discover Career Interests

You may have no idea what career you want to pursue and that is totally okay! Instead of focusing on the fact that you need to decide exactly what career to pursue, begin by identifying the careers that interest you most. Gaining experience in a number of different career fields in order to discover the ones you enjoy most can be some of the most beneficial internships. These could be the internships that help you discover your passion.

  1. Networking

Networking is so beneficial in establishing relationships. If you discover a field that interests you, begin forming relationships with individuals in the respective field. These relationships might just help you land the perfect internship.

  1. Attend Career Fairs

Career Fairs can be a bit overwhelming because so many organizations are represented, making it difficult to figure out which organization to talk to. As crazy as they may be, career fairs are crucial to finding an internship in order to gain exposure and to meet employers. Have your resume ready and available and don’t forget to dress to impress!

  1. Social Media

Social media is important for so many reasons in the professional world. LinkedIn, the top social media platform in the professional world, gives individuals the opportunity to connect with others in their respective fields. It never hurts to follow, friend or connect with organizations on your various social media accounts. Always keep in mind what content you are posting and who may be looking at it. If a certain company interests you, follow them! That company may look you up upon receiving your application and notice that you have been following them.

  1. Start Early

Beginning your search early for an internship can benefit you greatly. Beginning the process with ample time creates networking opportunities, builds connections and proves to organizations that you manage your time well. Setting yourself up for success will only benefit you in the long run.

Seeking internships in college provides valuable experience that builds a strong, professional foundation as you begin to embark on your career journey. These five strategies are just a few tips that can help you discover what you are most passionate about. These tips sure helped me when it came time to begin the internship search. What steps will you take to land the perfect college internship? Happy internship finding!

Kinley Hales is a junior Public Relations major at Samford University. She is a member of Samford’s PRSSA chapter and currently interns with Becky’s Brides Wedding Planning and Coordination.  

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