To All Incoming PRSSA Presidents

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To All Incoming PRSSA Presidents,

I didn’t decide to run for President of my Chapter until the deadline to submit our names to the ballot — but I am so glad that I did and have had the opportunity to lead my Chapter this year. I have grown so much because of this role and know that the skills that I have learned through leadership will help me indefinitely. Here are a few of my tips for a successful year.

Take risks.

Have an exciting idea but have no idea how it would actually work? This is your opportunity to make it happen. Explain your vision, whether it be for an event, a new recruitment strategy, etc. to your executive board. If it fails, you learn from it and can modify it for the future. If it’s a success then this can be something that your Chapter can take with them for years to come.

Plan ahead.

Preparation is key! Take advantage of the summer before the school year starts to discuss with your executive board what your Chapter’s goals are for the year and begin making preparations to make these plans happen! It is tempting to put PRSSA on the back burner all summer but once school begins, you’ll be happy that you can just focus on each event and put your best effort forward.

You are supported.

PRSSA Regional Ambassadors, National Committee, your Advisers, executive board and others are here for you and want you and your Chapter to succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out for helping hands or advice. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Being a Chapter president this year has taught me so much and truly has been one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. If you want to take the leap and run for Chapter president or if you have recently been elected to this position, I wish you good luck and get ready for an exciting adventure ahead.

Cayli Allen is a public relations major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where she serves as the Chapter president of PRSSA. She interns in the Radio Marketing Department of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and works as a Promotions Assistant for Cromwell Radio. You can chat with her on Twitter @Cayli_Allen.

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