Build Your Foundation: Three Crucial Career Buildings Blocks You Can Strengthen by Getting the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far, but this isn’t the end of your journey yet. There are three major things that you will need to have a strong career – Knowledge, Credibility and Confidence. Here’s how getting the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations can help build your foundation for a more successful career.


Let’s face it, you’ve slept a lot in the past few years. You can’t remember everything you learned in your first Intro to PR class. Enter the Certificate process. Through your studies for this comprehensive exam, all of the important concepts will become fresh again. Make it easier for you to put your best foot forward on your first day of work or, if you’re searching, the dreaded scenario interview question. As budding PR Pros, you know that inspiration is a fickle thing and you never know what piece of knowledge is going to be the one to inspire you!


Whether you’re going to be working under someone or running the show, the more you can increase your credibility, the easier and more enjoyable your job is going to be. There are few companies out there where you aren’t answering to someone. With increased credibility and some convincing PowerPoint slides, you’re more likely to the get the green light to make your vision happen! The more projects you get finished, the more credibility you earn. It really is a self-perpetuating cycle.


Confidence is key in this field. Nothing builds your confidence like having a certificate from the largest public relations organization. The more confident you are the more likely you are to have great ideas and it’s not because of your abilities. If you aren’t confident, the great idea that could have resulted in a massive return on investment may get squashed out of fear of rejection. Not to mention that it just makes you unhappy.

I received the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations last year. And, in the first year of my career, I have been able to really make an impact at my company! You could say the knowledge, credibility and confidence I had after earning the Certificate had something to do with it. I encourage seniors looking to begin a career in Public Relations to check it out.


Sarah Thompson graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Arkansas State University. She is currently the Community Engagement Coordinator at East Arkansas Planning & Development District. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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