March Monthly Reading Round-Up — Diversity Champions, Teaching Ethics, Oxford Commas, Ad Stunts

Between midterms and spring break, it was tough to keep up with industry news in March. Below are eight interesting articles you may have missed this month.

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The Power of Conferences in a Social-Media Age

Author: Alexandra Samuel

Publication: The Wall Street Journal

While being on social media at conferences seems like it would disengage attendees, it actually has the opposite effect. From connecting to colleagues to amplified hashtags, social media is making conferences more valuable than ever.

We All Need to Be Diversity Champions

Author: Pat Ford

Publication: PRWeek

The public relations industry has made progress in recent years to be more diverse and inclusive. However, there is more that needs to be done. Ford shares five thoughts on how to be true champions of diversity in this article.

See P&G’s New Gender-Equality Corporate Branding Campaign

Author: Jack Neff

Publication: AdAge

Procter & Gamble Co. recently launched a new corporate digital campaign using the hashtag “#WeSeeEqual” to combat gender bias in honor of International Women’s Day.

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Teaching Ethics is Crucial to Teaching PR Leaders

Author: Shannon Bowen

Publication: PRWeek

Ethics are a critical part of public relations, so it is important for students — the future leaders of the industry — to understand how to lead while promoting good ethical decision making.

50 Years Later, Heinz Approves Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ads and Is Actually Running Them

Author: Tim Nudd

Publication: AdWeek

In the popular AMC show “Mad Men” set in the 1960s, advertising guru Don Draper pitched to Heinz an ad campaign for the brand’s ketchup products. Today, Heinz is using ads almost identical to this fictional pitch in their latest campaign.

Court Case Opens Up Writer Brawl Over the Oxford Comma

Author: Russell Working

Publication: PR Daily

The debate about the Oxford comma recently moved to the courtroom. A decision for a case in Maine about labor laws was based on the Oxford comma.

What Makes a Good Ad Stunt, Compared to a Bad Ad Stunt

Author: Mark Duffy

Publication: Digiday

Being simple, being dramatic and creating tension are just a few ways to make a bold advertising stunt stand out in a positive way. Read this article for more do’s and don’ts of good ad stunts.

Conflicts of Interest: What to Do When the Decision Is Not Clean-Cut

Author: Andrea Gils

Publication: Progressions

This article explains what to do when you’re tasked with a decision that isn’t so easy to make.

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