August Monthly Reading Round-Up — Golin’s New CEO+ Structure, Layering Content Effectively, Fall Issue of FORUM

The fall semester is about to begin, which means it’s even more difficult to find time to keep up on industry news and trends. Luckily, the Progressions Monthly Reading Round-Up has the latest news and trends in one place. Here are eight interesting articles you may have missed this month.

1. Fred Cook Moving Upstairs as Golin Opts for ‘CEO+’ Structure

Author: Steve Barrett

Publication: PRWeek

Golin CEO Fred Cook will be stepping down at the end of the year and replaced by three senior executives as part of the agency’s new CEO+ model. Read more about the transition in this article.

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2. How Can PR Pros Adjust to Live-Streaming Changes?

Author: Beki Winchel

Publication: PR Daily

It’s out with video and in with live-streaming. This article discusses way public relations professionals can adjust to these new platforms and incorporate live-streaming into their brands.

3. Content We Love: How to Win Personal Branding Gold With Press Releases

Author: Priscilla Ramirez

Publication: PR Newswire

Millions of people around the world tuned into the Rio 2016 Olympics this month, and public relations practitioners wrote several press releases for events, athletes, and in Ryan Lochte’s case, scandals. Read this article for tips for writing a press release that will not only share company news, but also can be used as a personal branding tool.   

4. 3 Keys to Layering Content Effectively

Author: Shonali Burke

Publication: Shonali Burke Consulting

This article reviews a recent report published by HubSpot about how people interact with content. Burke outlines three ways of layering content to consider when working on your content strategy.

5. How to Write a Cold Email to Land the Internship of Your Dreams

Author: James Mitchell

Publication: Culpwrit

Mitchell offers advice for writing a cold letter to a company that could help you land your dream internship or job.

6. Ways to Open Dialogue, Ease Tension During Times of Tragedy

Author: Sheila Tartaglia

Publication: PRSay

PRSA Leadership shines a light on addressing the tough and tragic issues of recent years. This article features advice from public relations professionals on the best ways to handle tragedy through understanding, diversity and inclusion.

7. Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 2.23.47 PMFall 2016 Issue of FORUM

Author: PRSSA Publications Team at Loyola University Chicago

Publication: FORUM

The first issue of PRSSA’s tri-annual newspaper publication is now available and full of articles covering interesting and relevant topics. These topics include resume advice, an introduction to the Champions for PRSSA, myths in public relations, social media management and more. Be sure to check out the two-page spread featuring 10 things you can’t miss at the PRSSA 2016 National Conference.

8. Finding the Right Fit: Which Section of Public Relations Will You Call Home?

Author: Kayley Consford

Publication: Progressions

This month’s article discusses different sections of public relations and offers advice on how to choose which section is right for you.

These articles are gathered and submitted by the PRSSA National Committee, the Industry News Subcommittee and the PRSSA publications team as well as occasional contributions from members, so feel free to pass along interesting articles to the Publications Editor in Chief Krista Watson by email at

Krista Watson is a junior at Loyola University Chicago and the PRSSA 2016–2017 Publications Editor in Chief. Follow her on Twitter @watson_krista or connect on LinkedIn.

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