4 Tips to Nail that Job Interview

So, you want to get hired. You’re ready, you’re excited, you’re anticipating your first day on the job, but there’s one thing standing between you and that first day: the ever daunting, and rather intimidating, job interview. Within this post you’ll find helpful hints and practical advice on how to nail that interview.

1)   Do your research. This is more than just looking up the company mission statement 15 minutes before you walk in. Instead, take time to learn the company’s values and the kind of work they produce. Go on their website, social media pages, blog and any other mediums available. The more you know about a company, the better you’ll be at explaining why you’re the perfect fit.

light-red-white-home2)   Act Like An Adult. According to Doug Mitchell, the CEO of Argenta Field Solutions, a lot of potential employees have no idea how to dress or act in an interview. The solution? Act like an adult and be professional. Your first impression can make or break the deal, so make sure you:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Be polite
  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Keep your dialogue professional

3)   Ask Questions. It’s easy to be so focused on giving the right answers that you forget to ask questions. However, according to Stephanie Fogle and others on the Business Insider, it pays off to be curious. Before your interview, create a list of questions you want to ask your potential employer. Ask about the position. What work would it entail? How does the company evaluate success? This shows the employer you’re serious about working for them, and gives you a bit more insight into what your future job could look like.

Katherine Burklin
Katherine Burklin

4)   Be Confident. If you do your homework and come prepared, you’ll have nothing to fear. Be confident in your abilities (you have a lot to offer!), but also be honest and don’t pretend to know everything. You want the company to hire you, not someone you made up. So relax, open up, have fun and most importantly, nail that interview.

Katherine Burklin is a blogger for Innovations PR, the student-run public relations firm at Liberty University. She likes people, places and things. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee. Follow her on Twitter @katburklin.

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