June Monthly Reading Round-Up — Caitlyn Jenner’s PR Strategy, Inspiration From Dad, Climate Change Crusaders

Another month has flown by and so have plenty of articles related to our ever growing and changing field of public relations. Even in the summer months we are often busy and bombarded by enough news to remember to check top sites and blogs for specific industry news.

This marks the beginning of a new Progressions series — the monthly reading round-up. From now on, at the end of each month, check Progressions for a post to catch up on relevant articles you may have missed about our industry.

Here are the top eight articles from this month:

1. I Quit PR But You Don’t Have To

Author: Jacqui Macdonald

Publication: PR Week

This article discusses the real possibility of burnout for public relations professionals and offers tips on how to avoid it.

Caitlyn Jenner's first appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair
Caitlyn Jenner’s first appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair


Guest Submission

2. The Story Behind Caitlyn Jenner’s Masterful Press Strategy

Author: Josef Adalian

Publication: Browbeat, the culture blog of Slate

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, recently made her debut to the world. With her number of Twitter followers reaching over one million in just four hours, Caitlyn “broke the Internet” and a Guinness world record that was previously held by President Obama.

Bidding farewell to Bruce and introducing Caitlyn Jenner to the world required nothing short of the best in public relations, and that’s exactly what Caitlyn got with the Hollywood firm Rogers & Cowan. The seamless process began with an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer that aired as a two-hour special on ABC in late April. Following the interview, Caitlyn made her debut with a featured cover story in Vanity Fair. The cover held the phrase “Call me Caitlyn” which became a trending hashtag on Twitter shortly after the release. Caitlyn also announced an upcoming docuseries about her transformation and new life that will be aired on E!

Caitlyn has seemed to maintain a positive image and media coverage throughout the process and aims to continue doing so with the strategic work of her public relations team.

This article and summary was submitted by Krista Watson. Krista Watson is a member of the PRSSA Chapter at Loyola University Chicago. Follow her on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

3. Female CEOs Say Dad’s Advice Helped Them Shatter Glass Ceiling

Author: Carol Hymowitz

Publication: Bloomberg Business

In honor of the recently passed Father’s Day holiday, powerful female CEOs, like Denise Morrison of Campbell Soup Co. and Mary Barra of General Motors Co., talk about how their fathers played instrumental roles in their leadership and educational development.

4. Why You Should Include Influential Social Media Users in Your PR Strategy

Author: Landon Ledford

Publication: PR Daily

Social media users with large followings, or “influencers” are being used in public relations to break through the noise much like influential bloggers.

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and IKEA are two brands fighting back against climate change
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and IKEA are two brands fighting back against climate change.

5. Social Disruptions Digest: Two Climate Crusading Brands

Author: Tom Liacas

Publication: Social Disruptions

Two well-known brands, Ben and Jerry’s and IKEA, engage in some healthy corporate social responsibility and leverage their brands to advocate for clean energy.

6. Pinterest is Adding Verified Accounts and a Way to Narrow Your Search

Author: Ronald Chavez

Publication: Mashable

Pinterest gets a facelift by tweaking its platform in multiple ways this month. These moves may make the social media site more attractive to official brand pages.

7. 98% of Brands See Positive Revenue Impact from Real-Time Marketing Efforts—But Report Challenges with Effectiveness

Author: Edited by Richard Carufel

Publication: Bulldog Reporter

Marketers responding to real-time events on social media or taking advantage of large social media events like the Super Bowl are showing a higher return on investment according to a new study from Wayin.

8. How-To: Keep Your Chapter Engaged During the Summer

Author: Gary Bridgens

Publication: Progressions

PRSSA National Vice President of Chapter Development Gary Bridgens shares some tips for keeping members engaged in Chapter activities during the summer months.

These articles are gathered and submitted by the PRSSA National Committee and the PRSSA publications team as well as occasional contributions from members, so feel free to pass along interesting articles to Emma Finkbeiner, the 2015–2016 publications editor in chief, by email at emfinky@gmail.com.

Emma Finkbeiner is the PRSSA 2015–2016 publications editor in chief. She attends Northern Michigan University and was a former editor in chief of the student newspaper The North Wind. Connect with her on Twitter @efink101 or LinkedIn.

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