Progress After PRSSA: New Pros Interview with Lyndsey Sager

Photo Courtesy of Lyndsey Sager (second to right)
Photo Courtesy of Lyndsey Sager (second to right)

This post is part of a series of “Lives of New Professionals” guest posts for Progressions.

Lyndsey Sager, a senior at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, had the perfect post-graduation job lined up. Just weeks from her December 2013 graduation date, her job fell through. Lyndsey accepted that she might be in the job market for several months after graduation before finding a job in the public relations industry.

An opportunity to be the brand ambassador for Alliance Solutions Group presented itself and Lyndsey knew this was the job for her. She took the interview as an opportunity to showcase her personality, professionalism, skills, internships and experience she gained through PRSSA. After interviewing with her current boss, he called the next week to offer her the job and tell her, “I was impressed with what you showed me.”

Kelsey Noland (KN): What was your boss most impressed with during your interview?

Lyndsey Sager (LS): The way I proved I was a recent graduate who could present myself as a professional.

KN: Did you learn how to be professional in your classes and from your professors?

LS: Yes, to some extent. As a member of PRSSA, there are networking opportunities at all levels. Meeting Chapter members at conferences or within your own university are just some of the many ways PRSSA members learn to conduct themselves as professionals. When you are constantly meeting professionals at all levels, your ability to introduce yourself, shake their hand and carry on an insightful conversation is fine-tuned.

KN: Did you have a portfolio of work when you graduated?

LS: Yes. One piece that I am very proud of is Kent State PRSSA’s Bateman Case Study. We decided to participate in the PRSSA National Bateman Case Study Competition. After months of extensive research, planning and organization, our team submitted our final proposal to PRSSA Headquarters and won second place. At the end, our team gained experience, a second place title and a very extensive case study book to showcase our skills.

KN: Did you have social media experience before you started your job?

LS: As the vice president of public relations for PRSSA at Kent State University, I was in charge of meeting promotions, the Chapter’s social media, and email blasts. My experience using programs like Constant Contact to keep in touch with members ultimately proved beneficial because that is what I use every day in my current job.

Lyndsey Sager credits her PRSSA experiences for assisting her in jumpstarting a promising career. “All the skills you learn from PRSSA allow you to become the professional that employees are looking for,” she said.

What PRSSA skills are you bringing into the job market?

Kelsey Noland is a senior at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) and the president of PRSSA at NKU where she also writes for The Flame. Kelsey is a coffee addict who is interested in entertainment public relations and volunteers to gain experience. For more information, connect with her through LinkedIn or on Twitter @kelsey_noland.

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