No Chapter? No problem. How to Make the Most of PRSSA Affiliate Membership.

Since 2006, PRSSA has provided an opportunity for college students interested in public relations, but without a university Chapter, to join the Affiliate program. Through Affiliate membership, students gain access to numerous benefits enjoyed by Chapter members.

If you are a current Affiliate or considering joining PRSSA, here are some tips to make the most of your membership:

Build your network

Without a university Chapter, it can be challenging to develop a sense of PRSSA community. By accessing the PRSSA network, Affiliates can engage with thousands of members and professionals, regardless of geographic location. Here are a few places to start:

  • Twitter: PRSSA members are active Twitter users. Follow the #PRSSA hashtag to join public relations discussions, or join monthly Twitter chats to meet new members and learn more about the Society and profession.
  • Events: Affiliates are invited to attend National Conference, National Assembly and Regional Conferences, where they can interact with students and professionals from across the nation.
  • PRSA Chapters: All PRSSA members and Affiliates are encouraged to connect with their nearest PRSA Chapter for networking and professional development opportunities. Access your nearest Chapter’s website to get started.

Launch your career
Affiliate members have access to the PRSSA Internship Center and PRSA Jobcenter, where they may browse and apply for openings in a variety of locations. Members are also encouraged to use the connections they make while networking to pursue informational interviews, internship opportunities and more.

Read about the industry
Affiliate members have access to the daily PRSA Issues and Trends email, Public Relations Tactics newspaper and PRSSA’s Progressions blog and FORUM newspaper. Ready to take the next step? Affiliate members are encouraged to build their portfolios by writing for FORUM or Progressions.

Consider chartering a Chapter
If you attend a four-year accredited university and have at least 10 students interested in joining PRSSA, you may qualify to start a Chapter and gain full access to PRSSA benefits. Review the requirements to determine your university’s eligibility and get started.

Graphic by Heather Harder
Graphic by Heather Harder

To learn more about the Affiliate program and how to access member benefits, contact the PRSSA vice president of member services.

This is a guest post written by PRSSA 2013-2014 Vice President of Member Services Heather Harder. Follow her on Twitter @HeathHarder

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