The Next Step in Your Career Journey

PRSSAtoPRSAWhen I was applying for jobs, I knew my professional development would greatly influence where I would end up. I loved my experiences with PRSSA and the opportunities the Society gave me, from friendships to connections to learning more about the profession.

When you graduate, your professional development journey doesn’t end—it continues. By taking advantage of PRSA’s Associate Membership and the New Professionals Section, you can continue to reap the same benefits that PRSSA offered you as a student: networking, passion, education, training and much more.

PRSSA is to college as PRSA is to the real-world. You applied what you learned as a student to your Chapter and will do the same thing as a member of PRSA and the New Professionals Section. The only difference is that you will now apply what you have learned at a professional level instead of Chapter level.

To help make your transition from student to professional easier, the New Professionals Section is a resource within PRSA made up of people who are going through the same things as you. As you continue through or prepare for your senior year, include PRSA in your post-graduation plans. May new professionals move to begin a new job, and the best place to get acquainted and start networking is your local PRSA Chapter. As a former PRSSA member, you’ll already have the tools to begin conversations and the opportunity to make new, lasting relationships.

As you attend interviews, don’t forget to ask about professional development opportunities. Ask if the company has a budget set aside for professional organizations like PRSA or if the company offers further education and training. If not, you could present the value of the Society and negotiate for your benefits to include PRSA membership.

Remember that as you need to take the necessary steps to further your career. Share with your friends and Chapter members that PRSA Associate Membership is only $60 a year and a membership to the New Professionals Section is free with the promo code AM13.

See you at the next PRSA event!

Lauren Gray is the 2013-2014 PRSSA Immediate Past President and is a junior associate in Digital at Finn Partners in New York City. You can find her on Twitter @laurenkgray and on LinkedIn

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