Philadelphia Forecast: Things to Know Before Coming to National Conference

Being a first-time visitor to Philadelphia or even a rookie attendee of the PRSSA 2013 National Conference (or both) can be very intimidating. From city crosswalks to meeting industry titans face-to-face, it can all seem overwhelming. The Conference Committee is here to help and has put together a list of a few friendly reminders and tips about making it in the city and navigating Conference.

Professional Preparedness: Getting pre-Conference butterflies? Some of the most important items on your professional checklist should be a friendly smile, firm handshake and self-confidence — you can do this! It’s also a good idea to have a business card and your prepared résumé handy while attending program sessions. Business attire and looking your best is extremely significant during your time at Conference; you know what they say, “Look good — feel good.” National Conference is a great place to invest in your future by networking with major industry leaders and making a memorable first impression by being as prepared as possible.

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau

Weather: Although it is the fall season and you might be thinking that you know exactly what to pack, Philadelphia is a city full of many surprises, weather being the biggest contributor. Prepare for temperatures in the mid-50s and don’t forget to have that umbrella handy (so important we had to mention it twice). Chicago may have won the title for being the Windy City, but Philadelphia comes in a close second, so be sure to include warm and fuzzy attire for your night out on the town.

Street Smarts: Philadelphia is a city of many pleasures and great experiences but can be a huge change of pace for non-city dwellers. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious and alert to ensure a great stay in a fabulous city. Aggressive city drivers aren’t just fictional characters from your parents’ bedtime stories — they do exist, so do be aware of stoplights and utilize crosswalks. For public transportation and tipping at restaurants, always be sure to have a little bit of cash on hand but also keep in mind to never handle large amounts of cash out in the open. It also can be helpful to have your Philadelphia map in arm’s reach so you always know where you’re headed. Explore, have fun and stay smart.

Hopefully these tips and pointers leave you feeling even more excited (and a little more prepared) for National Conference. Philadelphia may be known as the City of Brotherly Love, but it is also the city of life-changing opportunities. On behalf of the Conference Committee, we hope you have an experience of a lifetime. (Just remember — don’t forget your walking shoes.)

If you have any questions about Philadelphia or National Conference, feel free to contact the National Conference Committee at

Can you think of any other essential items to bring for networking? What’s one thing you always forget to pack?

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Jessica Howard is a sophomore at Drexel University. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in communication as well as a minor in fine arts. Howard is the communications director for the PRSSA 2013 National Conference. 

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