Five Tips to Stand Out as a Super Intern

About to start your internship?  Stand out above the rest by following these five tips.

1. Show up early and leave late.

Maybe not EVERY day, but as much as you can. Taking on a small project that may require you to spend 10 extra minutes at work won’t overwork you. Running out the door as soon as the clock hits 5 p.m. may make you appear undedicated.

2. Save the sweats for the gym

Being able to budget a new wardrobe is hard when you’re a student and it can be especially difficult if your position is unpaid. But if you take the extra time in the morning to look as professional as possible, you’ll show your employer that you make a great effort to present yourself well on a daily basis.

3. Be available.

Your employer knows you can’t do everything at once, and neither can they. Being available to take on projects shows you are eager and ready to excel at your internship. Even if you know you can’t do it right away, let them know you plan to do it and you will keep them updated as you complete the task. Never make them have to come to you.

4. Carry the right equipment.

A pen and notepad should be your best friend at your internship. Needless to say, you’re probably going to be focused on many tasks at once. By being prepared to take notes, you can write down the information and sort your thoughts at your desk. This also will help you from having to go back and ask them to repeat themselves.

5. Keep your phone tucked away.

It’s in our nature to constantly be on or checking our phones, whether we’re on our social media accounts, texting or checking the weather. While at your internship, try to put your phone in a place you won’t be tempted to grab it. In any job, you aren’t paid to be on your cell phone. Be willing to put in 100 percent of your efforts at all times!

What can you do to be a super intern? Below are five tips.

This is a guest post by Hilary Jurinak, current Vice President of Internships/Job Services.

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