New Pros, Take Center Stage à la “Glee”

I just started a new job. It’s exciting and challenging. When I’m not transfixed by my email and another item crossed-off my to-do list (such a great feeling), I like few things better than turning on “Glee,” the musical comedy about McKinley High’s glee club, “New Directions.”

From flashy choreography to silly pratfalls, it’s easy on the eyes. However, I’ve noticed the things that keep me tuned in week after week, despite the irritating and never-ending Rachel/Finn saga, are actually the same principles that keep me engaged in the PRSA New Professionals Section.

As a former PRSSA member, and now PRSA New Professionals Section Chair, I have always been passionate about communications and making my dream my professional reality. However, the PRSA New Professionals Section has helped me keep on the beat and even develop some new moves by:

1.) Performing With Peers who Share the Same Dream. There’s nothing quite like working with fellow new pros on developing events, social media, webinars and newsletters on the topics that we’re all passionate about. It’s a true community, with content developed by and for new professionals. It’s also a lot of fun.

2.) Spotlighting and Supporting Talent. Focusing on next steps is always important, but taking a minute to celebrate your contributions at work or your local community not only provides perspective but helps build awareness in the PRSA community. We want to highlight your successes, and continue to redefine “our best work.”

3.) Experts Offering Career-Advancing Advice. New Pros connect you with experts in the field from different sectors, industries and career levels to offer the advice you need. For quick questions, we also encourage outreach via social media to @PRSANewPros or the members-only online discussion forum.

4.) Resumé-Building Opportunities. Having your work seen matters. With volunteer opportunities, you can partner on events for National programs and work side-by-side professionals focused on building their own professional networks.

It’s also about staying true to your dream, weathering successes and failures, and learning how to work as a team. Being a part of the New Professionals Section has made a difference in my career, with friends and colleagues.

PRSSA grads-to-be, recent grads and new pros, now is the time to join! FREE New Professionals Section membership when you join in September. For more information, visit the Section homepage.


About the blogger 

This is a guest post by Leah Moon, the current chair of the PRSA New Professionals Section.


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