Host a Chapter Development Session at National Conference

With the conclusion of the spring semester, many PRSSA Chapters say goodbye to graduates and then watch as the rest of the membership disperses and takes a break from school.  There are, however, a couple of great ways to keep your members engaged in activities over the break and into the start of the fall semester.

Members of University of Nebraska-Omaha Chapter presented a Chapter Development Session at the PRSSA 2011 National Conference. Photo by Robert Branch.

One of our National Initiatives for Chapters is to participate in the preparation of Chapter Development Sessions that are presented each year at National Conference. PRSSA is now accepting Chapter applications to host  the 2012 Chapter Development sessions in October at the National Conference in San Francisco – there may be no better reason to attend the PRSSA 2012 National Conference than the fact that you will be a presenter!

Through the process of creating a Chapter Development Session presentation, your Chapter will have the opportunity to continue to stay productive over the summer break. As a whole, your Chapter can build credibility on a topic you excel at such as recruitment, member retention, professional development, networking or even hosting events. It’s up to you to decide your area of expertise .

Some benefits of hosting a Chapter Development session include:

Keep Members Active and Engaged During the Summer

Don’t lose the momentum you have worked so hard to build throughout the year. Creating a Chapter Development Session over the summer is not only a bonding experience, it’s also a great way to help new members jumpstart their involvement on the Chapter and National level.

Gain Chapter Recognition

Universities love to talk about how awesome their student organizations are, and you can prove PRSSA is among the best by presenting at National Conference. Not only will you be a hometown hero, you’ll also get to share with other Chapters what you have learned and grown from.

Build Personal Experiences

Professionals love students who have strong presentation skills. For many companies, securing new projects or clients is essential to the business — and with every new idea comes a pitch to be presented. Demonstrate your worth in an interview by referring to your experience as a Chapter Development Session presenter at the PRSSA 2012 National Conference.

Apply to host a Chapter Development Session and do something great with your Chapter. Applications are due May 1.

This is a guest post by the Vice President of Chapter Development Kendall Schmidt.

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