What Type of PR Professional Are You Meant to Be? [Infographic]

Where do I belong? This is a question every young professional asks. College is our time to find our passions and to discover who we might want to be as a professional. Use the infographic below to answer the simple questions and help steer you into finding your niche in the world of public relations.

There is still so much to learn about what your life will be like in any area of public relations. One way to learn more is by attending PRSSA Regional Conferences, such as  Boston University’s upcoming PR Advanced. With a great career fair and high-profile speakers, this networking opportunity is something that every student should take full advantage of. Don’t forget to officially register for this year’s conference. See you February 25.

What kind of PR student are you?

Christina Serrano is a sophomore studying Public Relations at Boston University College of Communication. She serves as a writer and web design team member of the Social Media Committee for Boston University’s PRSSA Chapter.

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