Engage in PRSSA: 6 Ways to Participate in National Initiatives

PRSSA has developed National Initiatives we work toward as a Society. We are always moving forward as a Society and work to achieve more each year.

PRSSA National Committee and Headquarters staff at the 2011 National Conference.

Here’s a little background into six PRSSA National Initiatives that are available to members they might not be aware of. For the full list of National Initiatives, check the PRSSA website.

1. Apply for PRSSA Scholarships and Awards

Each year more than $20,000 is awarded to members and Chapters who exhibit outstanding public relations skills. Members sometimes forget about these special opportunities for Chapter members to receive recognition and funding for their education. There are many scholarship deadlines approaching this spring.

2. Contribute Original Content By Writing for FORUM, PRSSA Blog or Chapter News

Any PRSSA member or Chapter can submit content to be published by PRSSA National. These opportunities include feature articles for PRSSA’s tri-annual newspaper FORUM, blog posts and non-traditional format articles for the PRSSA Blog and press releases for PRSSA Chapter News.

3. Attend PRSSA National Events and Regional Conferences

PRSSA offers numerous events nationally and locally that connect members, build professional skills and expand networks. These events include National Assembly in March, Regional Conferences across the United States in the spring, Leadership Rally in June and National Conference in October.

4. Be An Ethical Professional

PRSSA promotes ethical practice by asking our members to adhere to the PRSSA Code of Ethics and to review the PRSA Code of Ethics. PRSSA also recognizes ethical leadership by requiring ethical practice and discussion through many of our scholarships and awards.

5. Experience Real-World Public Relations Work in a Student-run Firm

Working in a university student-run firm allows members to learn agency practices by interacting with real clients and real situations. If you do not have a firm, you can always start one at your university. Student-run firms looking for more credibility and experience can apply for National Affiliation. For questions on student-run firms, contact Vice President of Professional Development, Jessica Noonan.

6. Compete in National Competitions Like the Bateman Case Study

PRSSA offers several competitions each year, all of which provide you the opportunity to work with real clients. Through these competitions, members can apply public relations problem-solving skills, achieve recognition and compete with other students at the national level. The Bateman Case Study Competition offers the opportunity to create and implement a full public relations campaign each year.

How have you participated in PRSSA National Initiatives? What are your favorite ways to be active in PRSSA?

This is a guest post from FORUM Editor in Chief, Amy Bishop, and Vice President of Public Relations Lauren Gray.

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