Six Ways to Get Ahead of the Game During Winter Break

Winter break is a time for relaxation and spending time with family and friends before the spring semester. In between the holiday parties and New Year’s toasts, get the most out of your winter break by investing time in your career. Use the following tips to make 2012 a successful year for you as a student and soon-to-be professional!

1. Link with Professors and Professionals

Use LinkedIn to connect with the great professors you had last semester and personalize the message to thank them for the course. Also, be sure to connect with professionals you met this year. Each connection could potentially lead you to connections with future employers.

2. Mail Out Cards

Take the Christmas card tradition to a networking level. Send thank you’s, holiday or New Year’s cards to your inner network. It’s a great way to reconnect with your summer internship contacts or professionals met at a PRSSA event.

3. Review Your Resume

Even if you have a stellar resume, take some time to read it over and decide if you want to re-word or change anything. Pass your resume along to your Faculty or Professional Adviser for a second opinion.

4. Develop a Personal Website or Blog

In public relations, an online presence is not only suggested, but required. Take winter break to step away from long papers and move into blogging. Purchase a domain with your name to go the extra mile.

5. Create Business Cards

Use a website like Vista Print or Moo to make your own personal cards. Have the cards link to your website and social media networks to extend your professional presence.

6. Make a List of Target Companies

Where are your dream internship/job companies? Develop a list that links to their websites so that you can stay up to date on opportunities. You can also check the PRSSA Internship Center for more opportunities.

Work your way through this list so  when you return to school you can keep focus on your internship or job search. Good luck!

What do you hope to get accomplished during winter break? What advice do you have for students with a little extra time to spend on professional development opportunities?

This is a guest post written the Vice President of Professional Development, Jessica Noonan.

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