Tips and Directions for Submitting Chapter News in Video Format

PRSSA Chapter News is a great way to share your successes, accomplishments and goals with other Chapters across the nation. If your Chapter launches a new program, a new executive board, or a new client, you can submit a Chapter News release via press release for the PRSSA website or video for the PRSSA YouTube Channel.

Submitting Chapter News in Video

1. First, email Vice President of Public Relations, Lauren Gray, about the subject of the video release for approval and discussion ( Make sure it is helpful content for other Chapters and an overall announcement of what your Chapter is doing or has accomplished.

2. Keep the video under five minutes for easy user viewing. Make sure there is no background noise in the video and the sound quality is clear.

3. Include contact information for the Chapter in the video.

4. Have all members in the video fill out the required PRSSA Video Consent Form.

5. Send the video to Lauren Gray ( via Dropbox account, as videos are not easily shared through email attachments.

6. Submit a short paragraph explaining the video and what Chapter you represent to Lauren Gray (

7. Include contact name, position title and email at the end of the paragraph.

You can view other Chapter News pieces to see what news other Chapters have shared. If you think your news release is more of a “best practice” informational piece, it may be better suited for a post for the PRSSA Blog.

What additional ways can Chapters looking to publicize their activities gain recognition? What advice do you have for Chapters submitting Chapter News or writing national or local press releases? How do you create and edit video news releases?

This is a guest post by Vice President of Public Relations Lauren Gray. Reach out to Lauren if you have any further questions about this process or submitting Chapter News via a general press release in PRSSA Style.

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