Intern Talk: Capitalizing on Internship Opportunities [Podcast]

In the public relations industry, internships are invaluable to the success of pre-professionals. Not only do internships satisfy academic requirements for public relations students, but these experiences help mold our skill set and knowledge of the practice. This month, I sat down with current Central Ohio PRSA President Todd Bailey to discuss the importance of internships.

What advice do you have for students seeking internships? Why do you believe internships are important? How have internship experiences shaped your views of the profession?

This is a guest post by the Vice President of Internships/Job Services Joe Clarkson.

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      As a new student to the field of PR and one who’s already had one internship, I can say that my experience as an intern opened my eyes to what the job as a communication director is all about. Despite the fact that the internship I was part of was unpaid, I learned a lot through my experience and encourage others to network like I did in order to be part of something, not just on the sidelines watching it happen.

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      Megan — You are on the right track! An active network and a resume packed with strong internship experience will offer you a key competitive advantage as you transition from pre-professional to professional.

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