How to Incorporate Ethics on the Chapter Level

Editor’s Note: To commemorate PRSSA and PRSA Ethics Month, PRSSA is running a series of posts on important ethics issues facing students and young professionals in public relations. An archive of PRSSA ethics-related posts can be found here. You can also read ethics-related PRSA posts on the PRSAY blog.

As a way to reward and honor Chapters committed to ethical practices in their Chapter and campus, PRSSA awards the annual Ethics Advocacy Awards to PRSSA Chapters. Since 2006, many PRSSA Chapters have been honored with the award, and the Robert E. Rayfield Chapter at California State University, Fullerton has been a first place winner twice.

2011-2012 Executive Board of the California State University, Fullerton Chapter

In this brief Q&A, the 2011-2012 Executive Board at California State University, Fullerton Chapter shares best practices that led the Chapter to win the Ethics Advocacy Award three times since 2007.

Q: What kind of ethics events do you host on campus?

A: We held an ethics rally on campus, where we approached students of Cal State Fullerton and had them pledge to uphold the CSUF code of ethics. This event was successful because it allowed us to reach a large audience on our campus with the message of ethics advocacy.

Q: How do you incorporate ethics into other Chapter events?

A: We hosted the #OCTweetup, during which we had professionals from our sponsor PRSA Chapter visit and network with our members. While networking they discussed the importance of ethics advocacy. This was a great way for our members to get experience in a professional networking environment.

The Robert E. Rayfield Chapter at California State University, Fullerton is continually organizing monthly events to promote ethics among their Chapter members and students on their campus. The spirit of dedication demonstrated by this Chapter and its Faculty Adviser can serve as inspiration to other Chapters to engage in the creation of monthly activities that promote ethical practices as a key to succeed in our lives as college students and public relations practitioners.

Your Chapter can apply for the Ethics Advocacy Award next spring!

How do you teach your campus or members about the importance of ethics? How do you prepare to apply for PRSSA National Awards?

Henry Cervera is in his junior year pursuing a double major in public relations and international business. He serves as the vice president of service and fundraising for the Utah Valley University PRSSA Chapter. He is also part of the 2011–2012 PRSSA National Advocacy Subcommittee.

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