How to Set Up a Professional, Personal Blog

Starting your own blog can seem like a pretty daunting task. In reality, it is very simple to start your own professional blog. Blogging professionally looks great on a resume to future employers because they will see you have blogging experience, you are keeping up with industry trends and you know how to start a blog.

Follow these tips to set up your very own professional blog.

1. Choose a Hosting Website

Today, more than 20 percent of websites and blogs are hosted on WordPress. On WordPress, you can start your blog for free. It has many templates and layouts available and an easy set-up guide. Thought you can also use sites like Tumblr, Blogger or Weebly to host your blog, most business sites see WordPress as the more professional option. Tumblr is a better option if you plan to post more pictures, quotes and videos.

2. Pick a Blog Title

Whether you blog about music, news, tech, fashion, etc., pick a professional title and choose a vanity URL. Make it unique to you, and ensure the professional title relates to the blog. Additionally, buying your own domain through the hosting service can be inexpensive and allows you to have your own website.

3. Set Up an “About Me” Page

Let people know who you are. Tell them about what you are doing, your past accomplishments and about your social network sites. Link to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

4. Put Your Original Content on Your Website

Upload your resume, portfolio, presentations, case studies and other things you have done. Showcase what you can do on your website by putting up your best work.

5. Promote Your Website

Once your website is up, debut your website on your social networks where your audience is. Use hashtags relevant to your blog to connect with other students with your content.

6. Don’t Only Self-Promote

Have other students or even professionals contribute a guest blog or create a guest post for someone else. Make sure you check out other blogs and help promote their content as well.

My last piece of advice is don’t be afraid to put your thoughts on your own blog. Blog about what you want to talk about and your interests. Once you start blogging, you need to continue it. Make sure you stay active and don’t let people down by not updating!

If you love to blog and would like to grow your audience, the PRSSA Blog is always looking for guest contributors. Contact Amy Bishop for more information on guest blogging.

What advice do you have for young professionals beginning a blog? What blogs do you frequently read?

This is a guest post from Vice President of Public Relations Lauren Gray.

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