State of the Society Update from the PRSSA National President

My blog post this month is a State of the Society address – updates about PRSSA and guidance on how we can actively work to advance the long-term growth of our Society.

FACT: Although increasing, less than 10 percent of members apply for PRSSA scholarships and awards

During the next couple of months, educate your Chapter members on the benefits of applying for PRSSA scholarships and awards. If a Chapter member stands out among the rest, encourage him or her to apply for an award that fits his or her accomplishments. All applications will be updated by Jan. 1, 2012, and many are due in early June.

FACT: PRSSA National events help increase member awareness, engagement and enthusiasm

National events are one of the top benefits of PRSSA membership. PRSSA hosts fourtypes of events: National Conference, Regional Conferences, National Assembly and Leadership Rally. These events focus on professional and career development and can help members make connections within the industry. Encourage your members to attend. There is an event for everyone!

FACT: Our members are 80 percent Caucasian, 84 percent female and 42 percent college seniors

Diversity is key here! We need to drastically expand the diversity of our membership. Enhance diversity by recruiting more male students and underclassmen, reaching out to different cultural organizations and teaming up with students of other disciplines. For more information regarding Chapter diversity, contact Vice President of Advocacy, JR Rochester.

FACT: Our resources are abundant, but often underused

Chapters should promote the many benefits of PRSSA membership, from publications, to biweekly emails and even free webinars. Encourage your Chapter members to follow PRSSA National social media channels, engage with the PRSSA Blog, write a FORUM article and participate in the Bateman Case Study Competition. Encourage members to use all the resources PRSSA has to offer.

PRSSA has more than 320 Chapters and more than 10,000 members. Thanks to you, our Society continues to grow in Chapter and membership numbers. I applaud you all and encourage you to keep up the excellent work. Please work with your Chapter to help it continue to grow. If you have any questions about the Society or how to improve your Chapter, please feel free to contact me.

What aspects of the Society are most important for advancement? What motivation does your Chapter give to apply for scholarships, awards or use of resources?

This is a guest post from National President Adam Aisner.

Statistics are based on results of the PRSSA 2011 Membership Survey.

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