Jump-Start With QuickStart: Five Reasons Why PRQuickStart.org Is the Perfect Way to Launch a Career

PRQuickStart.org provides new public relations professionals with an overview of the field. It is a series of three online courses that explain the discipline, provide insight into what public relations jobs are like today and offer media relations advice. It is a resource provided by the Council of Public Relations Firms and PRSA, making it a reliable source from current public relations professionals.

It’s Free! There are countless opportunities for professional development online, but on a student’s budget, it can be hard to afford. This resource is free to everyone and takes just a few minutes to register.

There Are Quizzes! Measuring the results is important in every campaign, and this one is no different. After participants review each course, they can test their knowledge. If at first they do not succeed, it is possible to try again.

Access to More Resources! PRQuickStart.org gives links to a range of additional resources, from blogs to newsletters and even job boards. No matter what a person’s interest, he or she can find more information through these courses.

It’s Self-Guided! As students, PRSSA members, employees and more, sometimes it is hard to sit down for scheduled webinars or even sign up for an elective class. The beauty of the online courses is that they are available 24/7 and people progress at their own pace.

It’s Realistic! These courses use information from real professionals and give users a no-nonsense overview of what to expect in the public relations field. Course Two offers a “Day in the Life” scenario for agency employees, and Course Three discusses the importance of media, specifically how to form a quality professional relationship with a variety of outlets.

Get ahead and stay ahead by taking advantage of professional development opportunities. Brushing up on this information can give a person an edge when competing for the dream job. In a field like public relations, the learning does not stop when students graduate college; it is something that requires continuing education for the duration of one’s career. Practice now by learning from PRQuickstart.org and take advantage of the resources it provides.

What resources have you used to find out more about the public relations field?  If you are familiar with PRQuickstart.org and have utilized the website, what was your experience?

This is a guest post from vice president of professional development Therese Kuster.

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