Dashboard Tools Make Social Media Management Easy, Effective and Efficient

Social networks provide a great way to connect with people for work, school and fun. Tools to effectively, easily (and inexpensively) manage these networks are something PRSSA students can utilize and that are readily available. Here are three options for you to investigate.

Seesmic Desktop

The free downloadable software application works great, and includes customizable options for audio and visual update notifications and best of all, it’s free. Seesmic Desktop works well for those who spend a good portion of their day at one computer because there is an option to have a tool on the desktop. There are also web and mobile versions available for those who are not at a computer all day.


HootSuite is a popular tool for people who need to schedule updates for the future, track results and even manage a team of users who are able to update the same accounts. HootSuite even has a blog to provide users with suggestions for using the social media dashboard and information on updates and improvements. This platform is ideal for those who need to manage a wide variety of messages across multiple platforms for many people. Choose from a free version with limited features or pay a fee for unlimited features.


As the name implies, MediaFunnel is designed for organizations that need a little control over their social media messages. With multiple roles (admin, publisher, contributor), the leader is able to approve messages before they’re actually published. It also features monitoring tools to help businesses and organizations follow what’s being said about their company online. These features make it perfect for a team tasked with managing an entire online presence and connecting with its public. There is a 30-day free trial with limited features, but after that users are required to register and pay based on the number of users or social media channels.

The importance of social networks is growing and it’s increasingly essential to manage your reputation while participating in what’s going on around you. Social media tools like these will make your social media management simple, valuable and efficient.

What do you use to manage your social media networks?

This is a guest post from Vice President of Professional Development Therese Kuster.

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