Preparing to Kick off the New Year

IHey PRSSA! Here we are about to start 2008. Seniors are gearing up to start the job search, making plans for graduation are underway, while others may have already graduated and entered the industry- and congrats and good luck to those that did.

For all PRSSA members, we should take the time to reflect on what we accomplished in 2007 and focus on what new and exciting items and events we can dedicate our efforts. Below are a few suggestions that you can add your already packed agenda:

  • Staying on top of current events: for example, the unfortunate assassination of former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, and the following violence and chaos that erupted in that country. If one you’re interested in public affairs, international public relations, or how public relations fits in nation-building, keeping up with stories like these are vital.
  • Using all the resources PRSSA offers: that means sending delegates and non-delegatesto National Assembly, utilizing JobCenter, applying for the PRSSA scholarships, attending regional activities, contacting your National Committee, reading and commenting on the PRSSA Blog, and especially contacting PRSA members for advice and mentorship. And for you graduating seniors, apply for the PRSA Associate membership.
  • Network, network, network: meet and keep in contact with as many people as you can; especially those lovely PRSSA and PRSA members. And for a heads up, PRSA Chair and CEO Rhoda Weiss will be attending the PRSA Tar Heel Chapter awards ceremony on January 10 in Greensboro, North Carolina, and it would be great to see many of you there!

What other suggestions or comments would you like to share? Is there anything that you plan on doing for 2008 that will help you develop professionally? And professionals and graduate students, what do you believe should be a major focus in 2008?

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