Absence of hard news: Is public relations responsible for the Paris Hilton, David Beckham, 24 hour news coverage?

As communicators, it is crucial for us to know what is going on in our town, city, state and nation. It is also important for us to develop relationships with the gatekeepers of the media- whether it is a newspaper journalist, T.V. reporter, radio host, or blogger- so we can strategize and get our client the best light shined on them as possible.

But then, as I turn on the T.V., I see nothing but news about Paris Hilton, and David Beckham.

From attending events like National Conference and local luncheons, and remembering school lessons, we know that much of the news journalists receive, one way or another, originates from a public relations practitioner.

I am not implying that practitioners send this kind of news to the media, unfortunately, its not that simple. If that is the kind of news that fills our airways, what kind of news are practitioners sending journalists? Or, is it even the industry’s fault?

We are entering a time when the common public demands this kind of news. How can we, as future practitioners, react in a way that not only captures our audiences’ attention, but also put our client’s news into the spotlight? And without the help of Paris and David?

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