PRSSA Dues Increase Bylaw Amendment

In just two weeks, delegates from your Chapters will be at National Assembly voting on proposed bylaw amendments and the new National Committee. Our current Committee has proposed two bylaw amendments, including the PRSSA dues increase proposal below. This would be the first such increase since 1998.

This Blog entry provides a forum for all of our members to voice thoughts of concern or support about the proposed amendment. Also know that complete rationale will be provided to your voting delegates at National Assembly in Nashville.

The pertinent amendment articles follow:

Pursuant to Article I, Section 2, Chapter a, item i, the 2006-2007 PRSSA National Committee hereby counsels and advises the 2007 National Assembly to increase PRSSA’s national annual dues from $41 to $50; and PRSSA affiliation dues from $82 to $100 under the proviso that the PRSSA Affiliate Program is extended beyond the 2006-2007 academic year. This change will be effective for all members registering November 1, 2007 and forward until otherwise amended.

Having not been raised since 1998, this dues increase will ensure PRSSA members the following benefits, but is not limited to providing only those benefits enumerated as follows:

PRSSA members currently receive but are not limited to the following services:

  • National, regional and Chapter-level professional development.
  • National, regional and Chapter-level leadership development.
  • National job-seeking and professional networking opportunities and services
  • Services and accreditation for student-run firms.
  • Public relations services to enhance the reputation of PRSSA and the profession as an institution among students, prospective members and professionals.
  • Advocacy and ethical counsel to represent the Society as a whole and to advise and assist individual Chapters.
  • Publications to educate, inform and appraise the Society’s membership of developments within PRSSA and the profession as a whole.
  • Bimonthly mailings to all PRSSA Chapters.
  • One (1) National Conference held every fall.
  • One (1) National Assembly held every spring.

PRSSA members shall receive, but are not limited to, the following service contingent upon ratification of the proposed bylaw amendment:

  • Uninterrupted continuance of those services enumerated above as well as services provided but not above enumerated at the time of amendment ratification.
  • One (1) National Event to be held for Chapter leaders beginning in the summer of 2008, to be held all summers forward with the intent and purpose of ensuring meaningful and effective programming for all Chapters during the academic year through the comprehensive training of Chapter leaders and representatives.
  • Other benefits to be added as provisioned by future National Committees.

Upon ratification of this amendment, dues for the following cycle (fall 2007) and forward will be $50 per student for national membership; individual Chapters will still be responsible for determining what, if any, local dues will be collected for Chapter operating costs. All other items under Article I, Section 2, Chapter a will remain unchanged.

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