What to do During a Lazy Summer Week

What to do During a Lazy Summer Week

Summer internships are one of the most valuable ways to gain professional experience to put on your resume. However, most internships end a few weeks before the fall semester starts. It’s tempting to turn into a couch potato during those final summer days, catching up on your television shows and not getting up from the couch except to get more […]

A Look into Fashion PR

A Look into Fashion PR

My Experience Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in fashion. I was introduced to public relations in a high school speech class and became immediately and immensely intrigued. During freshman orientation at Auburn, I learned that public relations is a growing field in the fashion industry, so I picked up a major in public relations as well […]

An Intern’s First-Day Survival Guide

You painstakingly revised your resume. You exhausted your network in search of available positions. You managed to conquer your nerves and ace the big interview. Congratulations — you landed a public relations internship! An internship can set the precedent for your entire career. You will meet valuable new members of your professional network and enhance your skill set. You will […]

One internship, two internships, three internships…more!

An internship is good, right? What about two internships? What about, dare I say, six internships? Working as an intern in public relations is an almost guaranteed way to get hands-on, relevant experience in the profession. You have the opportunity to surround yourself in a communications environment, work on projects and network with fellow employees. Is one internship enough? What […]

How to Succeed as an Intern

In last week’s post, we discussed what you should be looking for in an internship. Even though not every internship you will come across meets the recommended criteria, the points we discussed should help guide you in your search. On the other side of internship success is you. Finding an internship is one challenge and the first hurdle a career […]

Tips For A Successful Internship

I had the opportunity to ask Heather Crowley, recruitment specialist for Edelman in Chicago, some questions about how to be successful in a summer internship. At Edelman, she is responsible for recruiting interns and entry level employees, so she has seen her fair share of good interns. Her tips and advice are below: What are some of the top traits for successful interns? It is important for interns to […]