National Committee Spotlight: Vice President of Member Services

This article is part of our National Committee Spotlight series. This series features our current National Committee reflecting on their experience and offering insights into their respective roles as we approach National Elections and Leadership Assembly. To learn more about running for National Committee, click here.

Alyson Hoffman — Vice President of Member Services

What is your role? Please give a brief overview of your role and responsibilities. 

My position is the vice president of member services. Some of my responsibilities include running a membership campaign, reaching out to potential Chapters and members, educating high school students about public relations and PRSSA and supporting ongoing efforts within the committee.

I am also the District Ambassador for the mid-Atlantic Region. In that role, I am connecting Chapter presidents to tools and resources they need within PRSSA and helping their membership grow.

What does a typical day in your position look like?  

A typical day is responding to emails from Chapters and any notes from the rest of National Committee. My position is project based so I could be busier during the run of a project, filming a podcast or directing a video. It really depends on the season, but every day is something new and exciting and that is why I love it.

What has been your favorite part of serving on the National Committee?

My favorite part of serving on the National Committee is interacting with the Chapters and showcasing all that our members are doing across the globe. I love the profession and the students I get to serve and interact with. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of your position?

The most challenging aspect has been not interacting in person because of COVID-19. I miss meeting people face to face, but Zoom has helped relief some of that aspect. I look forward to the hope I get to see everyone in person when it is safe to do so. 

What is something you are most proud of achieving in this role? 

I am most proud of my creation of the Face Forward Membership campaign and more specifically the kickoff video. It took a lot of time to create but it showcases many of our students. The campaign helps to highlight what our students are doing and their unique backgrounds, as well as how they became a part of PRSSA.

What advice would you like to share with your future successor? 

Be enthusiastic, bring your ideas, and collaborate with your fellow peers on the committee but also within the Society. Your position represents the Society, and your ideas can positively impact the members so there is a lot of room to be creative. I have enjoyed my position and the many avenues of it. I have made lasting friendships across the U.S and have found peers my age to support, grow and love through these next seasons of life. 

Lightning round 

Favorite social media? 


Dream Job?

News anchor or Nascar driver. 

Favorite TV show/movie/book at the moment? 

Amazing Race.

Favorite Quote? 

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is.

Alyson Hoffman, PRSSA 2021-2022 Vice President of Member Services, is a junior at Ohio Northern University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in public relations and communications and marketing minoring in social media. she was looking at colleges she knew she wanted to be a part of an amazing PRSSA chapter and she found that in Ohio Northerns’. Alyson had the opportunity to serve as President in 2020-2021. This was a wonderful honor to lead such a fun and creative group of people as only a second-year student

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