Why Apply to Host A Chapter Development Session

Each year, PRSSA International Conference is kicked off with Chapter Development Sessions. During these sessions, Chapters present relevant and knowledgeable topics for other Chapters to learn and benefit from. Essentially, sessions are designed to help Chapters succeed while ringing in a new school year. 

Previously, Chapter Development Sessions were held during the International Conference but in light of recent times, the sessions have shifted to a virtual format. This virtual format expands the opportunity for any and all Chapters to get involved by hosting or attending the sessions. Below are just a few reasons why your Chapter should apply to host a Chapter Development Session.

Nationally Represent and Showcase your Chapter.

Hosting a Chapter Development Session means the spotlight is on you and your Chapter! Utilize that light and focus on what your Chapter does and knows best. Whether it’s based on expertise or experience, every Chapter is different and can benefit from hearing your Chapter’s unique background. Furthermore, Chapters and the Society will remember and recognize your efforts from hosting a Chapter Development Session, which lasts long beyond the event. 

Event Planning Experience.

Although this year’s Chapter Development Sessions are virtual, there is still tons of value in gaining virtual event planning experience. By hosting a Chapter Development Session, your Chapter will have to undergo the stages of brainstorming, planning and presenting the event — just as if you were in-person. Not only will hosting a session give your Chapter event planning expertise, but it can be applied to your Chapter’s future programming. Ultimately, hosting a Chapter Development Session is a win-win when it comes to gaining event planning experience. 

Strengthen your Relationship with PRSSA National Committee and specifically, VP of Chapter Development.

Yep, you read that right! My favorite part about Chapter Development Sessions is that Chapters who host sessions get to strengthen their relationship between the PRSSA National Committee and the best National Committee member (cough, cough Vice President of Chapter Development). All jokes aside, this is an unbeatable way to closely connected with the committee. Of course, there are so many ways to get involved on the PRSSA National level, but hosting a Chapter Development Session specifically can help in building those one-on-one relationships. Also, if you’ve even slightly considered running for PRSSA National Committee or getting involved in a subcommittee, this can help you stand out from the crowd when applying for PRSSA national positions. 

Networking Opportunity for your Chapter. 

Who doesn’t love networking? Hosting a Chapter Development Session is an advantageous way to go the extra mile, support our Society and build your Chapter’s network within the community. With Chapter Development Sessions being free and open to all members, there’s going to be quite the crowd. That can quickly turn into new, long-lasting connections. By hosting a session, Chapters will be engaged, impacted and ready to converse after the event about information presented or perhaps even spill some personal tea! 

Chapter Development Sessions only happen once a year and I’m telling you — you don’t want to miss this opportunity! With sessions being virtual, it takes some weight off your shoulder and hopefully, gives you all the more reason to apply. Apply, apply, apply

If you’re even a tad interested in learning more, applying for hosting or are considering attending, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns. You can find me at gormleyalyssa@gmail.com

Alyssa Gormley is a senior studying strategic communication at Ohio University. She currently serves as the PRSSA National Vice President of Chapter Development. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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