Honesty and Truth: A Practitioner’s Dilemma

Honesty and Truth: A Practitioner’s Dilemma

Public relations practitioners are faced with dilemmas on a daily basis. Choices must be made to determine what medium will be most effective to disseminate a message, or what strategy of crisis management to initiate after an incident. Decisions go beyond strictly business and stray into the areas of ethics and moral decisions. Good public relations practitioners strive to conduct […]

Three Tips for Making the Most out of a Networking Event

Many networking opportunities exist for students, such as conferences, conventions, mentor shadowing days and agency tours. It is important to shine at these events, as the connections you make could later help your professional career.  Here are three tips to consider when attending your next networking event. Do Your Research Before going to your event, take a look at who […]

Take Initiatives With Your Passion

[quote]Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. –Julia Child[/quote] Using Julia Child’s advice, I have been able to create a couple of unique internships for myself. In the past two summers, I have interned for two companies; the Indiana ICE, a hockey team located in Indianapolis; and Falco Ink, an entertainment public relations and marketing […]

An Underclassman’s Perspective of Com Day 2012

Before I joined PRSSA, I was unaware of the many resources available to help me launch a successful career in the communications field. After attending a few PRSSA events, including Purdue University’s Regional Conference, Com Day, I realized these resources represented many of the important reasons to be a part of PRSSA. At Regional Conferences such as Com Day, speakers from […]

How to Be a Prepared Job Candidate at National Conference

For years, National Conference has been a great way for students studying public relations to interact with professionals from all across the country. The connections you make by attending can even help you land an interview for your dream internship or job. But before you immerse yourself into the Conference setting, where you will spend days networking with distinguished practitioners, […]