How to Be An All-Star PRSSA Member

After a year and a half of a global pandemic and a long, hot summer, PRSSA is back and better than ever. Whether you’re a new or a returning member, you can kill it as a Chapter member this school year. Be sure to follow your Chapter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss any new updates.

Attend Chapter meetings.

Your university’s PRSSA Chapter should have at least one meeting a month. Depending on your location, some might be in-person or online, but either way, make sure to attend every meeting possible. You won’t want to miss out. Connect with your Chapter members and show that you want to be an active member. PRSSA welcomes tons of professionals who can show you a career path you want to be on. 

Connect with guest speakers on LinkedIn.

The speakers who join your Chapter’s meetings do it because they want to be there. They love inspiring young professionals to be brave, take risks and follow their dreams. If you get the opportunity to hear them speak in-person, take a few minutes at the end of the meeting to go up and say hello (even if there’s a line). Introduce yourself, ask them a question and connect with them on LinkedIn. If it was virtual, don’t be afraid to send them a quick thank you to start that relationship. If the speaker didn’t want to be a resource for students, they probably wouldn’t be at a PRSSA event. Make a courageous connection and send them a message if you ever need professional advice or a helping hand. 

Ask questions.

Take up space at every meeting you attend — and in your classes as well. Never be afraid to ask a question, start a conversation and give your peers the opportunity to think. Avoid sitting quietly in the corner or with your camera off. Stay engaged. Make the most of your time in your Chapter meetings to get remembered by the executive board, professors and guests.

Show your face at social events.

Many Chapters hold events and fundraisers open to all members. Show up and make your mark wherever you can. Connecting with like-minded individuals can make your college experience. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and have some fun.

Join your Chapter’s mentorship program.

For incoming members, please reach out to your Chapter to see how you can get a mentor. Returning members, spread some of that wisdom and PR knowledge to your younger friends. Use your peers who have taken similar courses or inspiring internships as resources. Plus, it’s always helpful to have a friendly face at meetings and socials.

Listen to the ways you can get involved.

Your Chapter might offer an ambassador program, Social Squad, E-board positions, director positions and more. Pay attention to what’s up and coming and find out how you can get involved. PRSSA lays all of these opportunities out for you — it’s up to you to take them. There are so many ways to be active within your Chapter so make sure you listen. 

Kimberly Hurd is a senior public relations student at the University of Florida. She’s a member of the UF Chapter of PRSSA and the PRSSA National Publications Subcommittee. Aside from PR, she sings in UF’s all-female a cappella group, The Sedoctaves. Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn.

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